Can I only eat Vitaline?

Yes. There is no restriction on the quantity of Vitaline to be consumed in a day, or over a longer period of time. Vitaline is formulated to optimise human nutrition in the long run, and to cover 100% of the needs. Be reassured : you can consume as much Vitaline as you want.
What's the limit? Well, drinking 10L of Vitaline will probably break your stomach... Not eating solid food for several weeks is not particularly good for your teeth, and tends to make the intestine lazy, because digesting Vitaline requires less energy than a normal solid meal.

In the team, Vitaline represents more than 50% of our diet. We, just like some consumers sometimes leave for several days in the mountains or on a road trip with only Vitaline.

We are confident that we can feed ourselves exclusively on Vitaline for about ten days. We have not performed an extreme test at 100% Vitaline beyond this period. Overall, let's remember that for the gut, teeth and salivation, it is reasonable to eat solid food regularly.
But don't worry: many of us consume Vitaline in huge quantities, and we are obsessed with our health.

How long can Vitaline be kept for?

Our products are manufactured with a use by-date of 4 months for bottles and 6 months for pouches. All orders are shipped within 15 days of production. This best before is due to the fact that we use a large majority of natural ingredients and few preservatives. It is therefore recommended to consume Vitaline taking into account this best before to benefit from all the benefits of our formula. Once this date has passed, Vitaline remains completely consumable but gradually loses its nutritional benefits.

Will I be hungry with Vitaline?

No, and much less than with a classic meal. The low glycemic index and the fibres makes you fell fuller for longer. Moreover, proteins have a satiety value higher than sugars and fats with equal calories.

We have more problems with consumers ending up not eating enough than hungry consumers!

Does Vitaline help you lose weight?

t is not the purpose of Vitaline, but yes, in general Vitaline makes you lose weight.

Vitaline has a low glycemic index, a high amount of protein, fibres, unsaturated fats: this makes you feel fuller for longer, reduces the storage of sugars in the body and helps build muscle mass.

Is Vitaline Organic?

No, Vitaline is not certified organic. However, Vitaline currently contains 84% of ingredients from organic farming (calculations in net weight). We strive to make further progress in order to achieve 100% organic ingredients. You will spot the certified organic ingredients with the mention organic in the list of ingredients.
The technicality of Vitaline is our main difficulty when it comes to finding organic ingredients : the most technically sophisticated ingredients are rarely certified organic.

Is Vitaline vegetarian?

Yes, all Vitaline products are vegetarian because they do not contain meat ! We know that eating too much meat is a source of significant environmental pressure. For human health concerns first and environmental causes, we are happy to offer vegetarian products.

Is Vitaline Vegan?

We just launched our first vegan version of Vitaline: Vitaline Daily Tomato! The main difficulty for us was to find vegetable proteins with organoleptic and nutritional qualities that meet our quality standards. We found sources offering both a good taste and a high quality nutritional profile: organic pea proteins and organic sunflower seeds. In the next few months, all our recipes from the Vitaline Daily range will progressively become vegan.

Are the added vitamins of natural origin?

Our added vitamins are synthetic, and we regret it. We are looking for natural sources but vitamins of natural origin are causing difficulties due to their levels and stability that are more difficult to ensure.

This is a general problem with technical products such as vitamins or sources of omega 3/6/9: we often have a compromise to make when suppliers offer organic or natural versions but with lesser guarantees.

We are working on this subject and hope to release a Vitaline Organic and with vitamins of natural origin soon.

How to prepare Vitaline?

The shaker is the most commonly used method. Pour about 400 ml of water into a shaker, and add 155 g (300ml) of Vitaline for a full meal. Shake: it's ready! Some people prefer it hot or enjoy a different texture: from very liquid to a more unctuous and thicker texture. Others like to have Vitaline with fruits, in smoothies for example or porridge topped with fruits. Everything is possible: let your imagination speak! For inspiration and flavour, visit our instagram!

How much should I consume?

An adult woman needs 1,800 to 2,200 kcal per day on average; 2,200 to 2,700 kcal for a man. The recommended doses (155g) of Vitaline are made to cover 1/3 of the daily intake (= one full meal of 660 kcal on average). This dosage is simply a recommendation and each individual should adapt the intake to his needs, which vary depending on physical activity and metabolism. We advise you to adjust the quantities to your hunger and activity.

Can I eat Vitaline if I have diabetes?

Yes, no difference from traditional food. Like any food, you will need to monitor your blood sugar levels.

Can I eat Vitaline if I am pregnant?

Yes, no issue here. Vitaline is designed to optimise human health, and pregnant women will only benefit from a diet low in contaminants and rich. However, if you have a specific pathology we recommend you to check with your doctor that it is alright for you to drink Vitaline during pregnancy or breastfeeding.